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  • Pescatore

    Linguine with succulent shrimp, tender clams and flavorful calamari brimming with the flavors of selected herbs, wine, fresh garlic and our house made marinara sauce.

  • Tracciatella

    Fettuccine with tender chicken, fresh from the sea shrimp and calamari, roasted peppers, onions in an infused collection of garden herbs, wine, fresh garlic and our marinara sauce.


  • Shrimp Al Diablo

    Kick it up a notch with the linguine and fresh shrimp swimming in a spicy combination of herbs, fresh garlic, wine and our house made marinara sauce.

  • Shrimp al Filletto

    We delicately butterfly the shrimp and immerse it in a sauce of fresh garlic, wine and our marinara sauce. Served with Linguine al Olio.

  • Shrimp Alfredo

    Linguine pasta and shrimp blend together in a creamy white sauce. Rich and worth it!

  • Shrimp Al Pesto

    Our house made pesto sauce is in perfect harmony with flavorful shrimp and linguine pasta.

  • Shrimp Al Creamy Pesto

    Pesto “goes creamy” over our shrimp and linguine pasta.

  • Capeilli Piponi

    Tender chicken and succulent shrimp with wine, mushrooms, fresh garlic, onions, herbs and our house made marinara sauce over a bed of delicate angel hair pasta.

  • Linguine A La Mare

    Indulge your tastes in a combination of shrimp, calamari, swordfish and salmon where the essences of wine, fresh garlic, selected herbs and our marinara sauce creates an aroma befitting this dish as it is displayed atop linguine

  • Linguine and Clams

    A traditional Italian dish brimming with rich flavors from the wine, fresh garlic and our marinara sauce as linguine and tender clams unites as one.

  • Calamari Marinara

    Fresh calamari in a wine and fresh garlic sautée, our house made marinara sauce and linguine – “Now That’s Italian”!

  • Fresh Catch of the Day

    • Market Price $

    Whatever is the freshest, we feature. Prepared grilled Or paired with your choice of sauces; Pesto, A La Checca, Or Filleto and baked to tender perfection. Served with your choice of either a side dish of Linguine al Olio pasta, Or an assortment of gently steamed fresh, garden vegetables.