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    Our pizza dough is made fresh daily, kneaded by hand, and your pizza is baked in our special brick oven to ensure the perfect crisp on the crust, the ideal melt of the cheese, and the taste of the toppings.  All our pizzas feature freshly grated mozzarella cheese and our homemade tomato sauce. Our Pizzas are available in  10” and 14” inches.

  • Pizza Alejo

    Fresh from the sea shrimp and clams with the rich added flavor of roasted peppers.

  • Pizza Claudia

    An exotic combination befitting Claudia with ham, anchovies, roasted peppers, black olives.

  • Pizza Meat Lovers

    Ham, Pepperoni, Sausage

  • Pizza Primavera

    A medley of garden fresh vegetables; carrots, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, black olives (deliciously healthy and tastes fabulous).

  • Pizza Margherita

    Fresh picked basil compliments our homemade tomato sauce and freshly grated mozzarella.

  • Pizza Pepperoni

    Pepperoni, pepperoni, and more pepperoni!!Pizza Sausage – sausage, sausage, and yes, more sausage!! 

  • Pizza Fungi

    Mushroom, mushroom and more mushroom!! 

  • Additional “Regular” Pizza Toppings

    • Per Topping 10" $.75
    • Per Topping 14" $1.75

    Onions, bell peppers, vine ripe  tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, pineapple.

  • Additional “Gourmet” Pizza Toppings

    • Per Topping: 10" $1.95
    • Per Topping: 10" $3.50

    Seasoned beef, handmade  meatballs, Mozzarella Caprese, spinach, anchovies, fresh garlic.

  • Sauce Substitution

    • 10" $1.50
    • 14" $3.50

    Pesto or creamy Alfredo, house made of course.


  • Calzones Al Forno

    Basic ingredients are mozzarella cheese inside and house made marinara sauce on the side.

  • Regular Toppings

    • Per Topping $1.75

    Pepperoni, sausage, onions, bell peppers, vine ripe tomatoes, ham, black olives, mushrooms, pineapple, Ricotta cheese

  • Gourmet Toppings

    • Per Topping $2.95

    Prepared to order meat sauce, house made meat balls, garden fresh spinach, baked chicken